Preparation and Planning

To participate in Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) sanctioned events, players & coaches must be registered members of YBOA.  Registration with YBOA is simple and affordable.  Here are some easy steps to get your team or organization started with YBOA.

Develop your team or organizational structure, philosophy, and budget.

  • Determine your team or organizational structure such as directors, coaches, etc.
  • Determine organizational philosophy and team guidelines, playing time, etc.
  • Develop a budget that includes registration, uniforms, travel expenses, equipment, etc.

Determine the composition of your team(s).

  • Determine your team’s grade level and eligibility.  Click here for rules and here player eligibility chart.
  • Determine how players will be selected (tryouts, invitation, combination, etc.).
  • Determine how many players will be held on each roster.

Register your Team and Coaches with YBOA.

  • YBOA Team Membership is only $79.00 and includes YBOA Player Registration as well as Liability & Secondary Accident Coverage for up to 12 players. Membership is valid from September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017.
    • Click here to register your Team Membership with YBOA.
  • YBOA Coaches Membership is only $15.00 per coach and includes YBOA Coaches Registration, Liability & Secondary Accident Coverage, and Mandatory Background Check. Membership is valid from September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017.
    • Click here to register your coaches with YBOA.
  • Earn FREE YBOA Membership for your team by participating in two (2) Florida YBOA Girls qualifying events (a $79.00 value)!  Click here for more information about this great opportunity!

Become familiar with YBOA Rules & Regulations.

  • Review the 2016/2017 YBOA Rules & Regulations, click here.
  • Review 2016/2017 YBOA Grade & Eligibility Guidelines, click here.
  • Collect a copy of each player’s birth certificate and current- school year report card.

Select Tournaments and Register to Play.

  • Each team must participate in at least one (1) qualifying event to be eligible to play in the State Championship event.
  • View or download 2017 Florida YBOA Girls Tournament Schedule, click here.
  • Register for a Florida YBOA Girls Tournament, click here.
  • 2017 Florida YBOA Girls State Championship tournament event information, click here.
  • 2017 YBOA National Tournament event information, click here.

Play Hard and Have Fun!

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