Florida YBOA Girls State Championship

2019 Florida YBOA Girls State Championship
May 3-5, 2019
Auburndale, Florida

Grades – 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th

Registration Cost – $325.00 per team (multiple team discount)

Entry deadline – April 26, 2019

YBOA Membership – Remember in preparing the for the 2019 Tournament Season, each team can earn a FREE YBOA Membership for your team by participating in one (1) Florida YBOA Girls qualifying event!  Next, your team has an opportunity to compete at the Florida YBOA Girls State Championship on May 3-5, 2019 in Auburndale and then you’re off to play in the YBOA National Championship in Biloxi, Mississippi (June 20-23, 2019)!  Click here for more information!

Hotel Accommodations – All teams should stay in Florida YBOA Girls approved lodging.  Host hotel accommodations have been arranged through HotelPlanner.com and they are available to work around your team’s schedule, budget, and game sites to find the best fit for your teams and families. Click here for more information!

Game Locations – Auburndale Community Center, 405 Bennett Street, Auburndale, Florida  33823 and other locations to be announced!

Game Schedules – Special requests will be accepted at a minimum for the Florida YBOA Girls State Championship.  Considerations will be made for teams traveling from the greatest distance.  Game schedules will be emailed to each head coach and posted online at scorbot.com.

LIVE! Scores & Standings – Florida YBOA Girls is excited to offer our teams a service for all of our events.  All teams can receive real-time scores and game updates on your phone throughout the tournament.  This free service is available to your coaches, parents, and players.  To receive a text on your cell phone with game results and next game information:

  1. Text your Team ID Number to 407-901-2121.
  2. Your Team ID Number can be found in the Standings section on the schedule.
  3. You will then receive texts with your team`s previous game and next game information after every game.
  4. You can sign up to follow the scores and results for as many teams as you would like to follow (separate the Team ID numbers with a comma).

Florida YBOA Girls VIP Club – Join the Florida YBOA Girls VIP Club for exclusive deals, special discounts, free tournaments, gifts, announcements, and more throughout the season!  Text:  flyboagirls to 77948

Mandatory Team Check-In – Coaches must bring all players in uniform to mandatory check-in with the Florida YBOA Girls State Director.  Teams must check-in prior to their 2nd scheduled game or forfeit all games played.  Mandatory documentation includes:

  1. Official paid copy of YBOA Team Membership (roster)
  2. Copies of all players birth certificates
  3. Copies of all players current year report cards
  4. Player Release Forms (if applicable)

Mandatory Check-In Day & Time – Auburndale Community Center, 405 Bennett Street, Auburndale, Florida  33823, Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 9AM – 2PM.

Basketballs – Teams must provide their own warm-up basketballs. YBOA will provide game balls.

General Admission –

  • Weekend Passes                           Daily Passes                
    Adult (13 & up)   $20.00                  Adult (13 & up)   $12.00
    Children (6-12)   $12.00                  Children (6-12)   $8.00
    5 & Under:          Free                     5 & Under:          Free
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